Bernie Sanders: Why his views matter in a changing America

Sen. Bernie Sanders sat down with Bill Moyers and discussed why America needs a change in landscape. The result was poignant, informative and all around honest. Enjoy.

N(ever) S(ay) A(nything)

On that fateful day in September 2001, the power structure and power of government forever became thwarted. With the constant fear of acts of terrorism, the United States has became inundated with the notion that spying is alright because “it’s for the good of the people.” Where as, in reality, surveillance when entrenched with the […]

REMINDER: New Webcam Series

Hello everyone. Hope you are pulling your way through the winter, wherever you may be. This post is merely a reminder for you all to check out my soon-to-begin webcam series. The series will consist of videos (which will also be uploaded to YouTube) that I will make regarding various societal topics: books, politics (but […]

Keeping the Faith Where It Belongs: In Humanity

It’s interesting to wake up one day and realize that everything you believe in is inside of you. That is how I feel nowadays. A recent poll revealed that millenials (born in 1981 or later) are losing their faith in God. Do you blame them? All of my morals and values are dependent on what I have […]

Stripping your freedom, one soft drink at a time

Michael Bloomberg, the mayor of New York City, seems to love sitting on his perch and telling citizens — his citizens — what they can and can not do. Mr. Mayor now has a new agenda on his palate: slowly rendering sugary soft drinks as obsolete. The idea behind the proposed legislation is to curb […]