Amazing Advice From A Cartoon King

Bill Watterson (of Calvin and Hobbes fame) gave a keynote address in 1990, at the school in which he graduated: Kenyon College. He talks about what it means to really, truly love something you do in life. He said that a “real job” is a job you hate because, well, you do it for reasons other […]

Releasing Frustration And Feeling Whole Again: How To Fix The World We Live In

Two days ago I wrote a blog post about the United States being in need of a renaissance. As I wrote that post and thought about it more afterward, the best course of action was to add more substance and be more specific. If you recall, I defined myself as a centrist with an apathetic […]

Write And Wrong

I think I finally found the secret: write for yourself. I used to do this years ago, as a 14 or 15-year-old kid in high school. I did it because I enjoyed it. Then I became too enticed with the possibilities — money, fame, fortune, published books across all platforms, more money, movie adaptations, beautiful […]

The United States Needs A Renaissance

I try to keep politics off my blog, especially those relating to any side of the partisan debate. I am a self-proclaimed centrist who when asked what my political views are, I simply respond with a simple answer: “apathetic.” Now, I’m not entirely apathetic because I care. For some goddamn reason I invest my time […]