Every Big Business Was Once a Small Business, Too

So it’s Small Business Week, but I was thinking: isn’t every business technically a “small business” at one point or another? The biggest companies in the world — Apple, Wal-Mart, Ralph Lauren, etc. — all had to start somewhere and then they became huge and sort of vilified by the public, for different reasons. But […]

Releasing Frustration And Feeling Whole Again: How To Fix The World We Live In

Two days ago I wrote a blog post about the United States being in need of a renaissance. As I wrote that post and thought about it more afterward, the best course of action was to add more substance and be more specific. If you recall, I defined myself as a centrist with an apathetic […]

The Glass Is 99 Percent Empty

Whether you like sports or not, this story isn’t really about that at all. It’s actually about inspiration, hard work, determination, and success. The NFL’s Jacksonville Jaguars have been a laughing stock for the last few years, but the team is attempting to once again be competitive behind its newest owner, Shahid Khan. Khan bought […]