FCC You Later

Amid the discussions surrounding Comcast and the F.C.C. and (the perils of) net neutrality, I find myself in continuous thought regarding why this country continually allows for the big fish to swallow the minnows.

Comcast is a big fish, a shark or whale in the pantheon of providing cable and Internet service to Americans. It makes me fume to just write this post considering how the same thing happens over and over again. (Remember SOPA?) And then, the other day, I see an article in The New York Times about Tom Wheeler, the F.C.C. chairman, discussing net neutrality.

I almost just laughed myself off the page, due to Wheeler’s cavalier stance. Come on, you know his cronies at Comcast are throwing everything they can at him to make him lean more in one direction than another.

The destruction of net neutrality would hinder the United States’ communicative efforts in what is a free nation, and that just cannot happen. The effects would be destructive and enormous, from the lower-and-middle class folks paying even more for service (the upper class would pay more, too, but they can afford it) to other services — like Netflix — charging more for content because they rightfully want their own chunk as well.

It’s one big circle jerk of power and corruption, and those with the money get to play ball the longest. How long will this go on in this country? When will the charade end and when will the majority of people become privy to it all?

It’s people like Wheeler, and commissions like the F.C.C., and stories like this that make other nations looks at the United States with a smirk and a head shake. While these other countries are progressing through socioeconomic means, the U.S. is left to pick up the pieces of a country that was once at the forefront of delivering a better tomorrow. That day has long since passed, and now we — the lower-class members of society — are picking up the pieces of how things used to be.

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