Cerebral Residue

But that feeling,

when life is slipping from your grasp.

Maybe because it was never that thunderous,

at all.

What will do when that happens?

You know what you should do?

I do.

You take the fucking wheel.

It’s your ride now,

And it always was.

The only difference is that you have the keys.

The only question is whether you are going to put the keys in the ignition

or be the

dead fucking fly

laying waste on the windshield.

3 thoughts on “Cerebral Residue

  1. Reblogged this on The Above Average Adventures of a Surviving CItizen and commented:
    I thought this was a beautiful peace of work especially considering my mood lately. I read it a day or two ago when it was published, but it hasn’t left my mind since. I want to take the world by storm, but most days, it feels like the world is slipping away. It just left me wondering, am I just a fly on the windshield?

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