Miscellaneous Diatribe

Many people hear the word “faith” and immediately develop a religious-based thought pattern.

However, I don’t think faith is even religious-based in general ideology. Rather, faith is a part of the human psyche. People want to believe that things will work out, that good things will happen in life. Faith got so intertwined with religion because the religious wanted to believe there was a higher power, that they would go to heaven.

I’m of the opinion that people put too much stock in hoping good things will happen rather than doing their best to make things happen. It sounds like a monologue from a Tony Robbins self-help special, but as you get older you start to put priorities in a certain order. Not everyone possesses the same priorities or same sense of structure. It is comforting to realize and understand what is important to you in the grand scheme of things, and I think it is important to not let others overpower your particular way of thinking.

I don’t know much about luck, or much about faith. I don’t think anybody does. The way my mind works, I tend to believe that things just … happen. The universe tends to unfold as it should. Sometimes planets align and we have the greatest moments of our lives, albeit sometimes clouds devour every last drop of sunshine. To accept that life is not easy is the first step towards enjoying existence.

People tend to get caught up in the details and not consume the overall loveliness of the big picture, which is the fact that we are breathing. We are alive.

2 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Diatribe

  1. Brilliant, totally agree. Sometimes planets align so perfectly that I am convinced that there is some sort of order that exists in our universe. Who, what, how that’s it’s done… I’m not so sure…. Just knowing that it exists… is enough for me for now

    • Thank you. I’m glad you empathize with me. My curiosity gets the best of me sometimes, but then again, it’s also important to let ourselves go and live in the moment. Thanks for reading!

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