Sammy’s act, whether it is considered heroic or selfish, is an example of maturity being displayed in the most difficult of situations.  Sammy knows that things would change in his life and this subtle quotation explains his feelings in the best possible way: “My stomach kind of fell as I felt how hard the world was going to be to me hereafter” (Updike 6). Sammy’s words reflect his entire state of behavior because he understands how difficult his life will become, although he is eager to accept the challenge that lies ahead of him. He has a firm understanding that his life is about to head in an entirely new direction and that it is his opportunity to pursue his destiny. His acceptance of his decision to quit is a sign of maturity and reveals that he is ready and willing to change his lifestyle in order to become a better person. The A & P has been a good learning environment for Sammy to understand those around him and to get a much better incentive of what he really wants and needs in order to be happy. Quitting helps Sammy recognize who he was inside and that the only way he can achieve happiness and tranquility is through his own actions and decisions. Quitting also gives Sammy the opportunity to explore his options and give him the time to find out what he really aspires to be in life.  [2005]

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