Little Discoveries

I finally realize what it means to find that there are things that happen that largely go unnoticed, and situations that occur that have a big impact on you even if you don’t think that when the situation arises. Life’s unpredictability is so integral to what makes life worth living, and it gets better when you can share that sense of wonder with someone you really care about.

The present is the present and that’s all that matters. I used to get so bogged down in details — which is a large part of my psyche and how I view every aspect of life, in details — but I’ve been trying to submerge the doubts and and not get into too much of a brain overload. It’s the whole living in the moment type deal, which can be easier said than done.

Life is what it is. Frantic. Worrisome. Inspiring. Invigorating. I don’t think I will ever be 100 percent happy, nor do I deserve to be. There’s just that part that clicks when things are going too well, or when things are really rough. It’s as if feelings get magnified or shoot back in the opposite direction. But right now, I am content. I’m free.

This has to work because it makes me happy, and I shouldn’t have to fight for a daily smile and a love in return. Neither should she.


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