A Misguided Soul

[Written circa 2005]

“Why, I wish that strife would vanish away from among gods and mortals, / and gall, which makes a man grow angry for all his great mind, / that gall of anger that swarms like smoke inside of a man’s heart / and becomes a thing sweeter to him by far than the dripping of honey” (XVIII. 29-33).  The quotation is a mere representation of Achilleus’ feelings that expresses how his anger from the death of his best friend, Patroklos, is haunting him remorsefully to a point where he feels as if he must let his emotions be construed by his revengeful acts of violence in order to feel good about himself.  For example, Achilleus’ actions warrant consideration, especially how he murders Hektor in very unlawful fashion and commits the act without any apparent sense of guilt or regret.  His lack of integrity seems to have a profound impact on his character, particularly his immense vulnerability to pain and sorrow, while his courage also seems to wane after many events that take place.  He also made his life ambition a rampant search to avenge Hektor and would not stop until his objective was completed.  In Homer’s The Iliad, Achilleus is truly not a heroic character because of his lack of integrity, excessive thirst for revenge, and irrational actions.

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