When You Become A Real Writer by Buffy Greentree

Sound advice. Use it and run with it.

A Round of Words in 80 Days

When I become a real writer, then I’ll… What? What will you do? What is the difference between someone who wants to be a writer and someone who can confidently claim they are a writer?

Is it the number of books published? Or sold? Whether you have a traditional publisher? Do you need an agent? Will that make you a ‘writer’?

There are only 2 things that make a writer: continuing to work on your craft, and not giving up.

You might be an author if you have published books, or a best-seller if you sell more, more recognised if you have a traditional publisher, more promoted if you have an agent, but anyone who has all that is still only a writer if they continue to write.

So lets look at these two things. First, continuing to work on your craft. Despite a lot of opinions, it is my…

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