It’s Never Too Late

I came across this tidbit of information regarding Steven Spielberg. I love miscellaneous facts which have no real importance in my life and no impact on my general life, which is why I think I am endeared to playing trivia games at bars on Tuesday evenings. I digress.

We all know Spielberg as the director who has made countless films that have enveloped moviegoers worldwide, from Jurassic Park to Saving Private Ryan. But did you know he was a college dropout? Read this:

When Steven Spielberg dropped out of college in 1968, he was only a few credits short of a diploma.

So in 2002, after winning three Oscars, five honorary doctorates, and two lifetime achievement awards, he returned to California State University, Long Beach, to complete a degree in film and electronic arts.

He placed out of FEA 309, the advanced filmmaking class. To demonstrate his proficiency, he submitted Schindler’s List.

I would have liked to see the professor’s face when one Steven Spielberg used an Oscar-winning film to reveal his proficiency. And it goes to show that some things in life take time and happen for different reasons, like Spielberg dropping out of college in ’68 and then going back over 30 years later to finish something he started. That’s determination. We can all do that, if we want.

One thought on “It’s Never Too Late

  1. He then walked into a studio and pretended to work there until they gave him a job – I have so much respect for people who are brave enough to do something like that!

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