Marijuana May Be One Cure For Social Exclusion

New research suggests that marijuana may provide more than just giggles and a big appetite; it may actually be a positive step towards diminishing social exclusion and curing loneliness.

“Marijuana has been used to treat physical pain,” reports a research team led by University of Kentucky psychologist Timothy Deckman, “and the current findings suggest it may also reduce emotional pain.”

Marijuana seems to be one aspect of society which has become more tolerant as time has gone by, with many states legalizing the drug mainly for medicinal use. The natural herb has provided numerous benefits of use for patients with diseases, easing pain and letting people live a slightly better life.

But for the drug to be a type of solution when it comes to social circles and manipulating not-so-friendly surroundings — that is a good thing in a world that has the power to bring many people down. Long gone (I hope) are the days where marijuana was seen as the worst drug in the world, with such thoughts facilitated by horrible “Reefer Madness” movies and by the United States government.

People want to be included and nobody really wants loneliness; in many cases there just aren’t many other options. This stems from a variety of factors, from psychological to emotional, and if something like puffing on a marijuana cigarette can help alleviate sadness and emotional disdain, this is just another good reason for marijuana to be accepted by popular society.

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