Is Hollywood Abusing Kickstarter?

Fair or foul.

I loved Scrubs and Garden State, and I think Zach Braff is a pretty good dude. Or at least he comes off as such because I don’t know him personally.

But this is pretty much bullshit. Kickstarter was invented for the purpose of general nobodies — the “Average Joe” — to be able to fund projects and ideas when there are no other outlets, or a very limited number of outlets. Braff has been in Hollywood for years, has agents and more money than any of us could ever dream, yet he is basically abusing the entire process for his own benefit.

Ken Levine makes some solid arguments against Braff, and I assume he is just standing up for the little guy. Nothing personal, just business. And I agree with just about everything he said.

Kickstarter is not meant for Hollywood types who get massive amounts of money for their work, not to mention they have more creative room to operate. The “average” people are not so lucky.

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