Are Humans Dehumanized By Large Corporations?

I came across an article saying that 66 percent of low-wage workers were employed not by small businesses but by large corporations — corporations that have employees that make over $9 million a year.

The worst part is that just about every one of the 66 percent of low-wage employees will probably never reach the plateau that the multi-millionaire crowd has. No smoking jackets, no diamond-encrusted Rolex’s, nothing.

“The 50 largest employers of low‐wage workers have largely recovered from the recession and most are in strong financial positions: 92 percent were profitable last year; 78 percent have been profitable for the last three years; 75 percent have higher revenues now than before the recession; 73 percent have higher cash holdings; and 63 percent have higher operating margins(a measure of profitability).

$174.8 billion to shareholders in dividends or share buybacks over the past five years.”

And if you take a look at the companies who run the show, you will be hard pressed to find a place you haven’t ever visited before:


2 thoughts on “Are Humans Dehumanized By Large Corporations?

  1. Great post! The numbers are truly astonishing. And yet, 90% of new job growth come from small businesses. When we have our legislators lumping all statistics into one catagory to push this agenda or that agenda, it becomes confusing. I love that you were able to post the statistics that go with your line of thought.

    • Thank you for reading and for the thoughtful comment. It’s interesting to look at trends and the difference between small businesses and large corporations; simultaneously, how some small businesses end up turning into large corporations over time. I would like to see even more statistics regarding job growth and job loss, as well as social factors like race, sex, gender, age, etc. Keep reading!

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