The Glass Is 99 Percent Empty

Whether you like sports or not, this story isn’t really about that at all. It’s actually about inspiration, hard work, determination, and success.

The NFL’s Jacksonville Jaguars have been a laughing stock for the last few years, but the team is attempting to once again be competitive behind its newest owner, Shahid Khan. Khan bought the team in 2011 and is doing his best to employ his own personal strategies to complete the franchise’s turnaround on the field and in the seats.

But what is endearing is how he went from being a foreigner who had little idea of what the United States was about, to being the success story that Americans refer to as achieving “the American dream.”

Here’s an excerpt from the article:

Khan came to America alone in 1967, at age 16.  He had never seen snow in his life, and he arrived to a record amount of it in Illinois.

“It was quite a memorable experience for me,” Khan said.  “You have your one suitcase with you.  You walk in shoes that are not used to water or snow and they kind of start melting away.  It’s an experience you never forget.  Very life affirming, where they soak right through your socks.”

He talked about the impact of realizing that he could find a job — at $1.20 per hour — to help pay his rent of $2 per night at the local YMCA.

“It’s something so unique about America,” Khan said.  “The empowerment and the fact you control your own destiny.  Most of the countries in the world, you can’t do that.”

He believes that it’s an outlook that people who are born and raised in the United States don’t necessarily have.  “You focus on one percent of the glass that’s full, not on the 99 percent that’s empty,” Khan said.  “That perspective, you’re only gonna get frankly if you’re born someplace else and you come out and you discover this and you say, ‘Oh my God, what an amazing, amazing opportunity I’ve just been given.’”

Take advantage of all your opportunities. Work hard for them and attack them. Become them.


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