I started writing a story recently. It’s different from all the other stories I’ve been working on, and I have found myself quite enthralled with what this has the potential to become. This work, if you want to call it that, has also helped me find closure when I find myself stuck in gaps with other plots in other works of fiction I am trying to complete.

Here’s how the newest story begins, and I will leave it at that. I want to leave some element from surprise. Plus, this is the Internet and I am pretty sure people steal shit all the time. Enjoy:

It was 10:36 in the morning and another heart just exploded.

This was not anything new. The prevalent case of diabolical love was all too real. When hearts intertwined, the aftermath was always greater. Humanity developed the unwanted ability to not be able to love again.

2 thoughts on “Inception

  1. Hi there, stumbled across your blog after searching “creative writing”! That’s a heck of a story hook! It’s definitely got my imagination wondering what you could possibly be talking about!

    • Oh, so the tags do work. Ha Ha. I appreciate you stopping by. Please feel free to browse through all my posts and hopefully you enjoy it.

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