Is Honesty Really The Best Policy?

“Honesty is the best policy.”

Doesn’t every kid hear that growing up? Yet you realize that when a child turns into an adult, that same maxim is often treated as trash on the street. Why do many adults abuse honesty to such a grand percentage? And I’m not saying every adult does this, but look at the people around you or read the news — people lie all the time to get what they want and make things better for themselves.

Now imagine a world without lying. (That would sort of be the antithesis of that Ricky Gervais film “The Invention of Lying,” which I recommend.) How much different would life be if humans HAD to tell the truth? How many relationships would suffer from transgressions? How many more lonely people would have a place in this world?

Why do the honest people, or those make earnest attempts to be honest, often get left out of the fold? Maybe that’s just the society we chose to live in and endure. Maybe.

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