Understanding Takes Effort

Is it worse when people don’t understand what you stand for, or when they don’t care to find out?

This thought came to me out of nowhere, like most of my thoughts do. When I am thinking about something random, like kites strewn across Central Park, a completely ambiguous and unrelated thought will challenge the previous thought. It’s a chain of randomness, and that’s how I like it. The stream of consciousness is something nobody should try to paddle through or try to withstand. Just go with the current.

But back to my original question. Is misunderstanding worse than not giving a shit in the first place? The answer is, of course not. Misunderstanding can lead to understanding if there is a sense of direction provided. People misunderstand things all the time: maps, apparent signs from the girl across the bar, jokes. But people who don’t give a shit will most likely never give a shit. They are too self absorbed in their own reign of terror to let anyone else into the fray.

This saddens me, to a degree. Not because I care about others, but because every person should be able to tell his story while others listen and learn from it. I could say I am scathing fascist with strong anti-Semitic tendencies. Who would take the time to find out why I am those things?

Whoever takes the time to understand is someone I want to spend time with.

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