It Grows On You (Ode to Beards)

At the bar, at the store

I’m protected by the beard on my face.

I strut around without a care,

My hair keeps me safe in that place.


I run my finger from lip to chin

When deep in thought or just for fun.

Oh, I don’t seem to mind

When sweat drips from my beard in the sun.


Characteristics form first opinions of

So many people in so many places,

Men from different backgrounds,

Different ages, and different races.


Some short, some tall

Many without a care.

But when it comes to changing appearance,

Look no further than your hair.


Grow it out, shave it off,

It doesn’t mean all that much to me.

I, for one, love my beard,

And I love the reaction from people I see.


It’s more than just hair

That grows on my face.

Sometimes it even covers things

I just can not replace.


A crooked nose or a tainted smile

May turn one’s confidence to zero,

But a regular guy with a monstrous beard

Instantly becomes every man’s hero.


Not everyone can pull off the look of a man

Who wears a beard and feels proud

Over centuries a beard has become mystical,

A type of spiritual shroud.


The Vikings had beards,

Jesus did too.

Don’t forget Abraham Lincoln

Or Pete Townshend from The Who.


Because every good beard

Takes time to grow from the start,

A beard is like a life story

Told through a beating heart.

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