Don’t Seek Happiness; Let the Happiness Come to You (says the Taoist)

To paraphrase a line from a book I read, “Taoists understand the changes that take place in themselves and turn those possibly negative changes into something positive.”

This is a big step if you think about it … to understand a personal problem/dilemma and spin it to your advantage is not as easy as it sounds. Wisdom and courage and happiness are part of living, and if one voluntarily seeks those things out, they will end up more hurt than happy because they forced the issue. Those qualities of life are not an end, but they are a means to something bigger in life that can’t be found around a street corner or over a hill. That’s part of life, and human beings must understand we must manufacture our own happiness and develop our own wisdom and gain our own courage, and in doing so we will thrive because that longing won’t weigh us down.

You can’t save time; you can only spend it. So, spend it wisely.

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