An American Perspective

An American Perspective

I write this as Barack Obama is about an hour removed from being reelected as president of the United States. I was constantly changing channels between various news networks and their anchors – many of whom possessed the characteristics of someone on the Walking Dead. Eyes were more baggy than they were ten hours ago, and enthusiasm seemed at a lull – even among self-proclaimed liberals. I decided I had watched more coverage than one human being should watch in one day.

I stepped outside to smoke the last cigarette in my possession. I lit up and stood still, gazing at the infinite universe while realizing that this world is a much messed up place. For how small the earth is relative to everything that encapsulates it, and how miniscule human beings are in the vast realm of space and time, things became evidently more clear that many bad people exist and a plethora of obscene thoughts still invade our society on a consistent basis. From human beings, both male and female and of all ages, attempting to prevent the wedded bliss between two gay partners or being vehemently against the use of a natural herb which invokes its own type of happiness, I pondered why certain individuals are so obsessed with how others lead their lives. Humans are fascinating creatures by nature, so I can understand that other people provide highly amusing results. But the constant discourse I hear on a near daily basis makes me wonder whether the human race is devolving, whether peace, love, and happiness has turned into a façade meant to be used as mere means of inspiration rather than actual reality. The selfishness of people is not sad but embarrassing.

I was finishing up my cigarette, and thoughts kept flowing through the sewer of my mind just as frequently as the cool breezes in the midnight wind. People need to come together before everything falls apart. Things need to improve on a visceral level before physical improvement can be dramatically altered. Are people this dense? Does everyone realize that arguments lead to confusion, and more arguments lead to more confusion? I often feel a bubble has swallowed me whole and nobody can hear my words on the outside. The haloes need to be adjusted and logic needs to be not only tolerated, but supported. Life is not only a cycle in the physical sense but also in a worldly sense. We are born, go to school, get jobs, get married, have kids, retire, have grandkids, pass away. In this world we now live in, life can be magnified and situations can be altered. My great grandparents would not have boarded on a crowded boat from Ukraine nearly 60 years ago if they did not see the opportunity that was available in America and how luck can certainly change. They lived in notoriously war-torn villages in impoverished times, somehow making it across the Atlantic and living wonderful lives.

This country needs that again, and not even in an immigrant sense. People can change their lives without escaping concentration camps or abusive governmental regimes. We as the human race are indebted to making one another appreciate the large spectrum of everything that is offered and everything that is not. Life is what each individual makes it out to be and that individuality is what makes this a wonderful place, not just the United States but the entire world. Every ambition needs guidance and inspiration to thrive. That is a lifelong task worth undertaking.

I didn’t vote for Barack Obama. Simultaneously, I didn’t vote for Mitt Romney, either. But I respect those who did and do so in hope that each person voted not just for sake of principle but for true convictions. The human existence is based upon passion and taking chances, and we only hope that half of those chances will pay off in the end.

We are all humans and we are all in this mess together. All we can do is enjoy it.


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