Metaphysics and Things

I found an old philosophy exam from my college years (sophomore year, to be exact) and I wrote this in the blue book:


“Metaphysical and inductive skepticism are both alike in their ways of drawing conclusions from past experiences, but metaphysics seems like more of a stretch because it involves basing future events on past experiences in a mathematical-like manner. Its idea is rejected by some because even though the factors of time and space are held accountable, changes in such components could completely configure a presupposed event. No type of experience can become of nothing, but letting such experiences dictate how events will unfold is not precise. At least some set of laws is used to help formulate a logical conclusion as to why certain events take place.”


Years later, I’m very glad I took that philosophy class and can now share it with you philosophy junkies.

One thought on “Metaphysics and Things

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