Can anyone change the world?

I recently traversed a website in which one person brought up the question, “Can anyone change the world?” The responses were quick and well thought out, from many saying that any person can change the world in one way or another. That was the consensus.

But I examined it in a different, more succinct way:

I think when people hear the phrase “You can change the world,” they think about in grandiose terms. They compute it as being something hugely beneficial to existence, like being the next Bill Gates or Albert Einstein or Isaac Newton.

The fact is that most people will never achieve close to that kind of success or recognition, but each person changes the world simply because they are, they exist. They impact other human beings without realizing that their words can aid or destroy a budding flower of a person, and that is unintentional in most cases. The power of the human spirit is unprecedented, and people are both quite persuasive and easily persuaded; just some more than others. Some people just “get it” and that type of attitude isn’t something that can just be taught. It’s inherited.

You don’t really know you’ve changed the world until it actually happens.

2 thoughts on “Can anyone change the world?

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