It was another temporary dream of floating under the sea
Where the air was packed tighter than a tin of sardines.
The helplessness of my body and mind to reach a plateau —
Death was imminent a long time ago.
The dial tone of friendships fading and cascading into a heap
of smeared paint on a wall in an abandoned room,
Terrifying remnants of a past life coupled with a leap
into consciousness, as if that would prevail.
Laughter is


2 thoughts on “Sheepish

  1. Thank you for visiting my spirit-filled poetry site today. I am now officially a follower of your site. I love your work because it seems in many ways you are in the same place as I am. Also the format of your site is well done. Clean and simple but effective in its presentation.

  2. Thank you, John. I’ve been floating around for a while, but writing makes me feel most complete in this crazy life. Keep it up and I’ll do the same. Cheers.

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