Across the Plains

Robert Plant said he was going to California with an aching heart,
Where the trees and the breeze present a brand new start.
The sun there shines with a different glow
He said, “Life is what you make of it, don’t you know?”
So I packed all my things until my house was dry,
My mother could barely talk as tears swelled her eyes
While my father gave me a giant hug and then shook my hand
Knowing that I always wanted to live with my feet in the sand.
So here I was, heading for the coast
My old friend in Vegas told me that there I could find the most —
Peace, love, work and warm weather
Who needed winter when we could sit on the beach together?
The women were gorgeous, a real sight to behold
Their hair was flowing around earrings made of gold.
People were polite and rarely came across as mean
Their hearts pure and wits keen.
The place in which I lived was nothing too large
After all I was working in a studio but was not in charge.
I wrote of my travels and my dream come true
And how the sun always shined and the water was blue,
The palm trees blowing effortlessly on a whim
Softly whispering, “Come again, and again”
I was living a life that was once a dream in my head
But this was too real, just like Robert had said.
Now I’m making a start in this place I call home
Until I decide I’ve had enough and find a new place to roam.
(Credit to Trey Ratcliff for the great photo. He is very good at what he does.)

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