Technology’s Impact on the Destruction of Social Constructs

Aldous Huxley once said, “Technological progress has merely provided us with more efficient means for going backwards.”

This can be quite relative to our present time. ‘Social media’ is not really social, but anti-social. I think forums, such as this one, are more productive than a Facebook page or a Twitter profile. But technology involves more than that, encompassing the Internet itself and all our daily uses for electronics.

But is this really good for human beings who are supposed to develop interpersonal relationships with one another? I tend to lean to the side of the argument that says technology is more harmful to the youth of today than it ever has before. When I was growing up, I played video games, yes. But I also spent hours upon hours going on bike rides with the neighborhood kids or playing at the park and, ya know, using my imagination.

I feel like technology cuts out the middle man in many instances, and computers are a prime example of that. They don’t let us think for ourselves because the codes and processors want things done a certain way.

That is not how human beings were meant to sustain productivity and increase intelligence levels. I do realize the benefits of technological growth in many regards, but is an easier life a more fulfilling one?

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