Weekend Getaway

I went away for the past four days. I won’t say exactly where I went, but let’s just agree that the time away was much needed and very inspiring.

There were people there composed of similar traits, from the lifestyle to the types of music they enjoyed to just being friendly above all. It was a place where a stranger could come up to you and ask a completely irrelevant question and you wouldn’t waste any time to give that person a thoughtful answer. If you wanted to sit down next to somebody you didn’t even know and chat, you could. You know why? Because just about every person shared the same mentalities.

And this was something I was constantly in awe of, the fact that in this day and age people could still resonate with one another on a human level and appreciate one another. You don’t see that every day in our world anymore as people seem to always be on the move and not enjoying certain moments because the next ones are coming pretty fast.

This was a theme that stayed on my mind from the moment I got there to the time spent traversing various highways on my way home, back to the rest of society and all of its social pragmatics. It was so refreshing to see tens of thousands of strangers get along in a civilized manner, so much so that even witnessing other people communicate and helping one another made me smile as wide as the sky. Those kinds of selfless actions are more difficult to find when wandering the mall or trying to flag down a driver on a busy freeway when your car’s battery dies. (Speaking of dead car batteries, strangers were sharing jumper cables like M&M’s during this weekend-long event.) And I didn’t even see one squabble, one fight or one errant remark made towards someone else — in four full days. It was ‘peace and love’ at its finest.

Even beyond the warmth of the people was the beauty of the surroundings. From big, beautiful trees to people freely dancing among one another in comfortable garb, it was like watching a movie scene over and over again and not getting tired of it. No, the grass wasn’t beautiful and bright green, nor were the paths paved with cement. None of that mattered, though, and nobody seemed to care. People expected to get dirty and walk through dirt and mud and grime, sitting on dead patches where grass once used to grow.

And then there was this forest.

A place of natural beauty mixed with a sense of calmness that I have rarely encountered in my years, it’s difficult to describe how it made me feel. There were random beams of light bouncing across the trees at night, made up of purple and white and yellow colors, among others. You could lie in a comfortable hammock for as long as you desired, stretching out and staring up into a sea of trees and wondering whether that particular moment was really happening to you. It was even better in the darkness, with the lights on and constantly evolving with different patterns and the stars showing through the top of the branches of the trees. It was an amazing, serene feeling I had never encountered before. I recall lying in one of the hammocks and wishing I could lie there for weeks and just enjoy the scenery and how it made me feel.

But, alas, it’s all over for now and I’m back doing things that are completely unbearable. Still, I will vividly remember how those few days had an impact on my life and how I want to return as soon as I can. I left the site with numerous thoughts and revelations and good vibes, so it was a time for enjoyment with friends and music but also one of soul searching and self improvement.

I have to say I am quite satisfied with how everything went from start to finish. Besides sleeping a bit uncomfortably and coming home looking like I should be served on a plate at Red Lobster, I wish I was still there.


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