Stripping your freedom, one soft drink at a time

Michael Bloomberg, the mayor of New York City, seems to love sitting on his perch and telling citizens — his citizens — what they can and can not do.

Mr. Mayor now has a new agenda on his palate: slowly rendering sugary soft drinks as obsolete.

The idea behind the proposed legislation is to curb obesity in New York, a state that has many obese individuals (although most states in the U.S. could say the same thing). Bloomberg and his cronies in the health department probably think that these new regulations will provide a safer existence for the people of New York. I mean, less fat individuals equal less health care costs. Right?

Eh, not so fast.

Bloomberg and The Fat Police make very little effort at all to actually curb obesity. He says he wants restaurants and vendors to stop selling drinks over 16 ounces, but is the mayor that incompetent to understand the numerous ways for people to still get their fix and get past this illogical law?

So, say a person stops at a street corner and buys a 16 oz. Mountain Dew. What is to stop he or she from buying multiple 16 oz. bottles? After all, no limits for the amount of beverages was made knowledgeable by Bloomberg himself. Or how about if somebody goes to McDonald’s and uses a 12 oz. cup to wash down their Big Mac and large fries? These people could just refill those cups once or twice, and just like that 32 ounces of carbonated beverage will float smoothly into their stomachs. One could even go to Starbucks and get a 24 oz. frappucino complete with extra shots of espresso if they wish. Milk isn’t a ‘sugary beverage,’ so all that milk and extra additives must be healthy in the long run. Yeah, I doubt it.

And this isn’t the first instance of Bloomberg stomping his foot on his pedestal, wanting New Yorkers to live the way he want them to live.

He went from banning cigarette smoking inside public buildings and restaurants to banning them in public parks and streets. He banned the use of trans fats in restaurant foods. He promoted the Salads in Schools initiative (which I don’t mind, but I would have minded as a kid in middle school). He wanted to exclude food stamp from being able to be used on soft drinks.

Bloomberg, like other people in power, sits on his perch and orders people around. It is what he enjoys doing, obviously, and he somehow keeps getting voted back into office by many people who oppose his fascist tendencies. Is this what our freedom is coming to: Allowing our leaders to take full control over things that involve nothing more than common sense? The term ‘police state’ is becoming more realistic and less of a 1984-type warning.

People need to be smarter. When the people we elect to lead us lack common sense, especially in regards to average run-of-the-mill components of daily life, we should all realize that a line has been crossed and we are pulling the strings of these wealthy puppets — and it is all at their expense.

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