Small Doses

Well, well. That happened out of nowhere.

I didn’t expect it to happen and I didn’t care, for at that moment I wanted to get away and go on an adventure. It was a wild journey through the depths of my soul, complete with feelings of inferiority and amazement and thought-provoking moments which would not stop coming. I had ideas of grandeur in which I was the king of my own universe, traveling nonstop in a space shuttle toward a planet far, far away. It was different from last time because it was with different people, and different outcomes don’t decipher one as as being better or best; it’s just …different.

It really does make you wonder about a lot, from physiology to nature to friendship to love to hate to reality. Time is of the essence, yet time seems to stand still when you have the power to control it. You become one with the world as opposed to being just another cog who is part of it.

Every person deserves a different perspective but not every person is willing to look at the other side of the self, the part of them which wishes they could go and do anything and ride life like a roller coaster when they have been slowly rotating on a ferris wheel for the majority of their existence.

You have to enjoy the life you have.

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