Sweet Summer Stench

It feels like California right now. The humidity when combined with the overbearing heat of a blazing sun creates the best season of all — summer — and I wish it would never end.

I don’t mind the brief feeling of death when getting into my car for the first time on a summer day. The absence of air conditioning in my vehicle makes me feel like a born-again construction worker, with sweat dripping profusely from my temples and my vision slowly blurring. It’s not ideal but it also isn’t dreadful. Actually, I would choose risking heat exhaustion over pneumonia or frostbite. If it’s not painfully obvious, I hate winter. No, no, I loathe winter.

I’m not against the season; I’m just saying it’s not my favorite. It’s fucking depressing. It’s unnaturally cold temperature-wise, the streets look like Stalingrad at the heightened point of world turmoil, and the sky gets dark before you start your evening meal. The sleep is nice, though, and that’s about the only aspect I enjoy.

Summer is about the good vibes and the chill music, the gatherings at the local watering hole and throwing the football around on the beach. It’s all about staying in sync and enjoying what life has to offer, because each of the sun’s rays seems to send out a message of hope and happiness on all the lonely people. Here’s a suggestion: Play a real “chill” song on your stereo or iPod or your cassette player, all while riding your bike or partaking in a bonfire with your closest friends. (Friendly Fire’s “Hawaiian Air” or Lovelife’s “Jimmys” are two solid suggestions for giving new music a deserving chance and instantly improving the atmosphere in which you are a part. Plus, I know music and I recommended them, which should be enough incentive.)

Creating that perfect moment in which every star is aligned and every message going to your brain is sublime …it’s special. It’s summer

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