Catcher of the 21st Century

Is it wrong to compare myself to one of the most memorable characters in literature of the past 200 years?

Well, so what. I’m going to do it anyway.

With Catcher in the Rye being my favorite book ever since I really got into reading books (in high school), it popped into my conscious mind the other night at a social gathering. The gathering was composed of many friends and acquaintances, all of which I were happy to show up and take part in the festivities. But the only issue, if you want to call it that, was that not everyone was friends. It was what you would call friends by association, similar to being friend with your girlfriend’s friend’s boyfriend because you hang out with him on weekends and the ladies are close. It’s not a bad thing, but some people don’t get along with others.

So my thing is always to make my friends from both “sides,” if you will, feel at home with one another. It’s no easy task as many people are stubborn at heart and want to stay with their own group, like a pride of lions not ditching each other to go hang out with some cheetahs or jaguars. I almost feel bad to not try to get people together; not in a romantic way, but in the sense that they can talk and communicate as if they already know each other.

I want to be the guy who introduces a man and woman and they fall happily in love, and I’ll make a toast at the wedding and tell the dressed-up crowd how the two people mean everything to me and how them coming together has an effect on me as well.

I want to be the guy who connects different people together and watches the sparks fly from afar, not in terms of romanticism but just human interaction working at its finest.

It’s something which stems in my subconscious, but I want people to be happy amongst other people. I may not show it or may not say it to others, and it does get aggravating at times, but somebody’s gotta do it. Why not me? Why can’t I keep the peace and keep people together rather than let them push each other apart? Maybe it’s because I have encountered so many interesting people in just the last five years of my life, that I want others to experience the same feeling. It’s arguably the most beautiful part of life, to find others with similar interests and interact and grow to appreciate them.

That’s what I want to do: save people from themselves. Save them from monotony and a growing trend of uselessness and a failure to communicate in environments not involving computers and smart phones. There is only so much time people have to live, and they ironically decide to forgo the entire experience of actually living. Carpe diem is a phrase often overused and taken too literally, but each day can be an adventure if you choose to live it that way.

And whenever people are around me, I would hope they go home afterwards and think to themselves, It’s always fun being around that guy.

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