Osama No More-a

When I first heard that President Obama was going to speak to the nation late Sunday night, one thought popped into my head: someone politically important is dead.

I just didn’t know whether it was Muammar Gaddafi or Osama Bin Laden.

The news anchors tried to keep it a big secret, and to paraphrase a line Jon Stewart had on The Daily Show, these anchors said it was “a skinny man with a giant beard who seemed to have rickets.” It was almost as if every news station had a huge secret and nobody to tell, except they had 300 million-plus people to tell — and they all wanted to know.

I found out from a message board I often frequent, as people were throwing out sources and links to what they thought it was. Then I went on Twitter and my suspicions were confirmed: Bin Laden was a goner.

I was shocked, awed, really unaware of how to react. I knew it was a historic occasion in American history and that people would be celebrating, but I didn’t know how to react. The whole “chasing Bin Laden” escapade had become background fodder, almost like the NFL Lockout. I knew it was happening but seemed to completely forget about it at times — especially the Bin Laden ordeal because it lasted 10 years and felt double that. And now it’s all over.

The man many prognosticated to be hiding for his life in a cave was staying in a million dollar home in which many have referred as “posh.” It wasn’t a home in the Hollywood Hills, but it wasn’t a fort made out of cardboard, either. What keeps amazing me about the story is how these Navy Seals completed their mission.

After building their own type of mansion Ocean’s 11 style, these Seals knew exactly how they would infiltrate and ultimately capture/kill the mass murderer. If that wasn’t enough pressure, they went into Pakistan (where the “posh” mansion was located) and did everything 100 percent right, to the point where not one Seal was even injured. They are the best of the best for a reason.

It really makes me proud to be an American to call such men OUR soldiers. They are the best at what they do and that just proves it, and they keep our families safe. I don’t necessarily agree with the wars our country is involved in right now, and probably wouldn’t have agreed with wars like Vietnam if I was alive then. There is a definite difference between being anti-war and being anti-troops, and we must ALWAYS support the latter.

I don’t want to say I felt safer going to bed that night; actually, I closed my eyes with a feeling of trepidation. This is not the end of terrorism; it may just be the beginning. With 10 years between 9-11 and last Sunday, you’d have to think that the bearded one taught many, many others how to complete his evil tasks. That is a scary thought, and hopefully a different kind of 9-11 never happens again.

For now, we must be satisfied that two different presidents — Bush and Obama — put their political ideologies aside to catch and destroy somebody with no penchant for humanity. For that, we must all be happy.

Justice Is Lost
Justice Is Raped
Justice Is Gone
Pulling Your Strings
Justice Is Done
Seeking No Truth
Winning Is All
Find it So Grim
So True
So Real

– Metallica, “…And Justice For All”

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